The modern Poderi SALVAROLO winery, founded and run by Mario Passador and his sons Franco and Luigi, is included among the Lison-Pramaggiore area's Controlled Designation (DOC), representing the ancient wine tradition of those lands. The fertile SALVAROLO land came under the dominion of the Venetian Republic at the beginning of the fifteenth century with the conquest by the Aquileia patriarch and the vineyards property was ceded to the "serenissimo" Venetian Prince. The recognition was symbolically repeated until the fall of Venice by handing the assignees a golden ring, which the Doge took off from his finger as if to signify the value for the production of precious wines.
Today, in deep respect for a still pristine nature, the ideal "habitat" to obtain grapes of excellent quality, the Poderi SALVAROLO winery cultivates its own vineyards using the most advanced vinification and wine-making technologies. Prized wines expressing noble quality and natural elegance in their good structure and typical harmonious full bouquet are produced over approximately 30 hectares of land.

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